The unexpected beauty of natural elements alongside structural pieces.


1. White mushrooms with gold rings by & Other Stories x Lykke Li
2. Gold belt and nail polish by L’Oreal Paris
3. Pink rose with aluminium foil
4. Dark pink calla lilies 
5. Calla lilies and gold belt
6. Beets with gold hoop earring and pearl necklace
7. Anthurium
8. Caulifower and pearl necklace
9. Rubber glove and pearl necklace. Nail polish by L’Oreal Paris
10. Grand Bal by Christian Dior with gold choker necklace by & Other Stories

11. Enoki mushrooms and pearl necklace
12. Roses and nail polish by L’Oreal Paris
13. Fig split in two on orange 
14. Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse 
15. Nuxe Bronzer
16. Shiseido Cream Eyeshadow
17. Celosia cristata
18. Maison Martin Margiela gold necklace
19. Coqui Coqui Tabaco Bar Soap
20. 10 Rubles, precious stone ring and gold chain
21. Weleda Rose Deodorant
22. Champagne glasses
23. Citron
24. An afternoon treat
25. Mon bureau